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Story of a Dungeon #ProcJAM Entry

Story of a Dungeon is a printable tabletop dungeon crawler with puzzles, monsters, text, and loot. A card game generator.

△ RULES  (Work In Progress) △

- 1 - 4 Players 

- 1 vs 1 Player Mode

◈ Keywords

  • AP (Action Points)
  • INI (Initiative)
  • SPELL (Bonus to learn spells)
  • AC (Armor Class)
  • HP (Hit Points) 

◈ Preparation

To play this game you'll need:  a twenty-sided die (1D20), a pen, scissors and a printer. Generate a  PDF with the cards using  the generator from above.

Place the card ROOM 1 (Start) in  the middle. This will be the entrance of your dungeon. No monsters and chests will be placed here. During your turn you can perform actions expending AP ... Soon...

◈ Anatomy of the cards

The game has four different kind of cards: Room Cards, Monster Cards, Loot Cards, and Character Cards. 

The Room Cards:

Example of a Room Card

◈ Combat


◈ Movement


◈ Doors


◈ Rolls


◈ Solo Play


◈ 1 vs 1 


◈ Coperative Mode



Back cards.

Friendly print version.

Typo revision.

Campaing mode.

◈ Game icons 

CC BY 3.0

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GenreCard Game
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This is a quite interesting project. I have to admit this is a job well done. Though, I have to say that your approach is a bit off. I, myself happen to be a software engineer. I also develop board games to play with my friends, just for fun. I understand that your goal was to develop the generator-software, but let me share with you what I have learned from my experience. I have attached a file that I hope you might find useful. Describing the generation algorithm or providing an exe file could help a lot to find the pattern and generate the rules.

This is pretty cool man. I want to see the rest of the rules done! I'd be glad to help, if you'd like.

I imagine the game will kind of play like Munchkin, but with a Players Vs. Environment aspect?

(1 edit)

Thanks! I'll upload the rules shortly. If you have any suggestions to implement to the gameplay it will be welcome! 

I imagine the game will kind of play like Munchkin, but with a Players Vs. Environment aspect?

Yes, a kind like, but with d20 rolls.

I will print out the cards shortly, and hopefully give it a test run. I will let you know how it goes!