NEWT Blueprint Builder v0.15

It's a web app tool (very WIP) for drawing blueprint maps for the ALIEN RPG. The maps have a retro feel like the ones you can find on the core rule book. 




Versions log:

  • 020: Text Editor · Symmetry props · Export map to PNG
  • 015: Added PROPS Layer
  • 010: First Release


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How do I upload an image saved here? So I can continue editing.

I really like the look of this map, but I'm struggling to understand how the example map was created. I see thick lines for the walls, and the props that match them, but I don't see the icon to use for the thick, angled corners. Thin, angled corners - no problem! Am I missing something obvious? (Thank you for creating this tool. I really appreciate it!)

Hi! The example map was probably made before the latest updates. I was using a different texture that had a thicker border. What you are trying to do can't be done yet. Maybe I should change the example map so it doesn't lead to confusion.

This is wonderful! Two questions.

1) Can I use maps created with this tool in commercial products? Likely just Mothership adventures posted here on itch for a buck or two.

2) Need any dev help>

Yes! You can use the tool for any purpose, even commercially. 

At the moment I have the last version on hold. It includes many new features. Once I find a moment to clean up the code, I'll upload it to github. Anyway any suggestions are welcome.

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One suggestion I have: When I hover over the icons, it gives me a description.  It would be nice if it did the same with the props (if you used these for specific purposes). And perhaps the ability to save as you go in case you can't complete your schematic in one sitting. 

WONDERFUL job.  I'm in awe of this product. :)

And perhaps something that makes the icons snap to an even grid IF toggled. Sorry, last suggestion. 

Awesome work!

Great work! 

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Amazing! Look forward to seeing how it develops

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Thank you!