A downloadable icrpg-basic-loot-cards

EDIT: Need more loot cards? Take a look at http://card-forge.surge.sh/ a web tool to create, share and print ICRPG loot cards.

ICRPG Basic Loot Cards. 100 items.

The zip file includes a PDF ready to print and play. The sheets containing the cards are in A4 format. The download also includes individual cards in png to export easily to Tabletop Simulator or roll20 applications


To use with the amazing Index Card Role Playing Game  Core!



ICRPG_Basic_Loot_Cards.pdf 42 MB
Basic Loot Cards 2-20171005T145444Z-001.zip 43 MB


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WebTool do not open. Am I doing something wrong? I've tried using it on FireFox and Google Chrome, and neither of them work. It says it is not a secure connection. It's a shame, because a few years ago I was able to use this tool. Now I intended to make a video presenting this tool, as a lot of people ask me about card creation programs. I remember yours was very good. I prefer online tools because unfortunately many people only have mobile devices. I know there are files for download, but as I said, people don't have a computer to put together for create cards. The online tool is more practical as it can be opened on any system.

Greetings, my name is Coconut Mousse. I invite you to my jam about card game. The goal is everyone could have play your game without having accessory even a dice

be sure to visit us if you are interested


These look really good! I uploaded them to The Game Crafter as you mentioned and ordered some physical cards. They are a great addition to the game. Do you plan on making more?



Thanks! Whizzom,

A few months ago I created a web tool called Card Forge: http://card-forge.surge.sh A place where anyone can create and share custom loot cards for ICRPG ready to Print & Play. Right now there are more than 400 loot cards.  Take a look there for more material!

These look great! What are the hearts and check numbers for? I don't see anything about them in the CORE rules. Thanks!

Thanks! In the first version of the core book there was a rule on how to learn loot, page 111 in the Loot Section. 

This is the transcription:

"HOW TO LEARN: Learning requirements are listed as STAT TO USE > TARGET > # HEARTS EFFORT TO LEARN. So WIS 11 1 would require a WIS roll of 11+, and 1 HEART of EFFORT to learn."


Is Card Forge still on? It keeps loading but nothing is happening...