A downloadable icrpg-basic-loot-cards

ICRPG Basic Loot Cards. 100 items.

The zip file includes a PDF ready to print and play. The sheets containing the cards are in A4 format. The download also includes individual cards in png to export easily to Tabletop Simulator or roll20 applications


To use with the amazing Index Card Role Playing Game  Core!



ICRPG_Basic_Loot_Cards.pdf 42 MB
Basic Loot Cards 2-20171005T145444Z-001.zip 43 MB


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These look great! What are the hearts and check numbers for? I don't see anything about them in the CORE rules. Thanks!

Thanks! In the first version of the core book there was a rule on how to learn loot, page 111 in the Loot Section. 

This is the transcription:

"HOW TO LEARN: Learning requirements are listed as STAT TO USE > TARGET > # HEARTS EFFORT TO LEARN. So WIS 11 1 would require a WIS roll of 11+, and 1 HEART of EFFORT to learn."