Dice Builder (ver 0.1)

An online tool to create easily and quickly custom dice in STL format to be printed on 3d printers (resin, pla, ...)

Ideal for creating dice for your board games, rpg, custom story cubes, narrative tools, prototypes.

More than 4,000 icons to choose from. Icons from https://game-icons.net/


  • Upload custom icons.
  • More dice models to costumize (d4, d8, d10,  d12, d20).
  • More icons sources.
  • Autosave session.
  • Export to a custom scale.
  • Mobile support.
  • Share models.

Website: https://dicebuilder.netlify.app/

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags3d-printing, Board Game, dice-customization, game-icons, story-cubes


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This looks great! Weirdly I just started printing out dice from Thingiverse and was wondering if there was a tool just like this. The selection of icons on game-icons.net is great, but I'd be particularly keen to have the option to design my own - it's great to see you're already considering the possibility of custom ones. It would also be nice to have a range of D6 models, even just a plain cube.

Having played around a bit with this, I notice that "flip normals" sometimes changes the icons from positive to negative (if that's the right terminology - they end up sunken into the face of the die rather than standing out from it), and other times mirrors them. I'm not sure if it's down to the icon or the face it's on or if I've somehow screwed up and am toggling between two entirely different settings. In case it makes any difference, I downloaded this and launched it through the itch.io app - I realise an actual web browser may be more reliable.

Spectacular work here. I've only really had the quickest possible play around but as far as I can tell my throwaway design looks fairly printable in Cura, which seems like a pretty good indication that just about anyone could pick up and use this. The fact it's HTML5 makes that even better. If I actually print a design made in this, I'll be sure to post a photo.


Hey, thanks for your interest! Yes, adding more dice models is a priority as is the option to upload custom icons. 

Regarding the "flip normals" button, it might lead to confusion.I noticed that a few icons are left with an inverted  path when the svg is parsed and extruded. This option will be a temporary thing to correct this. 

Ah, that would explain why it only happened with some of them! I didn't realise it was there to address an issue with the icons - I thought it was to offer the option of icons either "in" or "out." That might actually be a handy way of printing things that might otherwise have impractical overhangs.

Nice! Looking forward to see how it evolves.